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Feb 23, 2022
In Introductions
Hello. I have only encountered a couple of you and wanted to introduce my self. I'm 44 and a widow. I'm glad to be here. I was raised by bikers and hippie's so as you can guess I don't do well with authority or government. I have an associates degree and would like to achieve a masters in sociology eventually. I love to help people and work in a place where I have resources to do so. My home life is new, meaning I'm reinventing it. My husband has passed away recently which has been harder then I though. My kids are nearly grown and it has forced me to deal with just me. I have a light in me that wants fellowship and understanding of God and how to deal with the fact that I am so small here on earth. I want to make an impact on people, which I am told I do. I do not love being alone, but I am getting used to it and have an appreciation of it now. I look forward to meeting more of you and learning your way. Maybe it will fit. Thank you for allowing me in!


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