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The 7 Orders & 3 Pillars of Urianism

To avoid schisms and overall disorder there is incorporated 7 Orders and 3 Pillars in Urianism.  These make sure that the individual facets each individual add to our collective expression orbit the overall moral and theological framework of the Urian faith. The goal is to enable each believer to excel in accordance with their authentic personality.


Keep in mind: If you cannot stand the Urian moral and theological framework you are free to spend your time on something else with someone else.. :)

The Three Pillars of the Faith (Over-groups):


>The Left Pillar (Black Robes) - Severe, Passionate, Fatherly, Forceful, Ultra-Orthodox, Ascetic


>The Right Pillar (White Robes) - Nurturing, Compassionate, Passive, Motherly, Gentle, Accepting


>The Middle Pillar (Gray Robes) - Introspective, Thoughtful, Balanced, Compromising, A Time & Season for all


The Seven Orders of the Faith (Sashes/Sects):


>Red Order (Crimson) - Geburah, Judgement, Passion, Fire, Righteous Indignation, Will The Evangelicals, Lawyers, Urian Butchers, Spiritual/Psychic and literal warriors, police officers, soldiers, etc...


>Blue Order (Lapis Blue) - Chesed, Mercy, Compassion, Light, Forgiveness, Charity The healers, physicians, nurses, counselors, comforters, nurturers, compassionate and gentle souls, peace-niks


>Yellow Order (Sun/Gold) - Tipheret, Order, Organization, Justice, Fairness, Equity, Learning, Logistics, Leadership The organizers, researchers, founders, clerks, administrative, as well as teachers and researchers, archivists

>Green Order (Emerald or Jade Green) - Netzach, Activism, Theocracy, Kingdom Come, Victory, Surrender to God The politicals and activists, who seek to bring God's kingdom and will into the political/social spectrum and work hard to promote and establish Godly principles and order, moving mankind to a higher path

>Orange Order (Flame Orange) - Hod, Creativity, Glory, Praise, Exaltation, Artistry, Music, Celebration The artists, designers, promoters - who use their art to praise God and raise the faith, filling it with beauty


>Violet Order (Indigo) - Yesod, Mysticism, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Theurgy, Psychical The mystics, psychics, theurgists, mediums, sages, seers, and paranormalists - who seek the deep mystery of the Way


>Tan Order (Earth Brown or Tan) - Malkuth, Servitude, Service, Work, Labors in the Fields of the Lord The builders, craftsman, farmers... Those who literally manifest the Kingdom by their physical sweat and skill

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